Open Box

We are offering the "Open Box" feature. This feature enables you to make multiple orders throughout a time period of your choice, but only paying postage once. 

To use the Open Box feature, simply place your order as normal. On checkout, choose "START/ADD to Open Box" as your option for shipping. We will then package your order & set it to the side, please note your order will NOT be dispatched. You can then add to this order as many times as you like by repeating the first step. You can keep your box open for as long as you wish. A popular choice is to start one off at the beginning of the month, add to it throughout the month & then close it at the end of the month. 

To close your Open Box, you will need to make a final order, this time at checkout you need to choose "CLOSE Open Box" as a shipping option. This will add £3.50 shipping costs (this is a flat rate for open boxes). This then tells us that you have finished your order & would like us to complete the process & dispatch your order. 

If you would like any further assistance with this feature, please do not hesitate to contact us & we will be very happy to help! 

Thank you, Moon Dust Melts x